Q: How do I install the Luggage Protect Kit? 

luggage protect installation

Q: How bad is my luggage really treated when I travel?

A: We thought you would never ask. See for  yourself. It's bad.


Q: What if airline security won't allow the cover or try to remove it for inspection?

A: Our luggage covers have passed through airport security a number of times without a problem. Should there be a need for security to enter your bag, just remain with your luggage until the cover is reapplied.

Q: What are the covers made of?

A: The covers are made of 12 gauge vinyl plastic that is very durable. The cover slips over the luggage and remains secure with a commercial grade, Velcro latch.

Q: Will my cover rip or tear while being conveyed to or from the aircraft?

A: No. Your cover is durable and has been tested thoroughly. It is made of 12 gauge vinyl that will effectively protect and guard your luggage in all circumstances.

Q: What all does the cover protect my luggage from?

A: Grease stains, spills, scratches, scuffs, tears, accidental openings, etc. Simple wear and tear is greatly reduced when your luggage is protected by our covers. The cover also protects the traveler from the vulnerability of having an open and available suitcase that could easily be unzipped or broken into.

Q: What if the cover doesn't fit my suitcase?

A: We believe in our product and want you to be 100 % satisfied. Our covers come in different sizes to fit all types of luggage, but if you have an issue with fitting the cover to your luggage, we will fully refund you for the purchase.

Q: Can you ship to a PO Box?

A: Unfortunately we cannot ship to PO Boxes.  We ship via UPS and they do not deliver to PO Boxes, so we must have a physical address to ship your cover.

Any questions or concerns - call between 9 am and 6 pm CST – (214) 354-2254